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Mack Brock Announces Departure from Elevation Worship

Mack Brock Leaving Elevation

With heavy hearts we bring you news that Mack Brock and Elevation Worship have announced that Mack will be departing Elevation Worship. We have enjoyed watching Mack and all that he has brought to Elevation Worship over the past few years whether it be song writing, great production or leading in worship. Mack and wife Meredith Brock have stated on their Instagram accounts that they are not leaving Elevation and are not leaving the Charlotte area. “We are just feeling the Lord leading us into a new season where we are not on staff at Elevation”, states Meredith in a response to the many questions immediately following their posts earlier this morning.

While Elevation Worship will move on and continue to make great music, not having Mack involved in the production and leading of the songs will definitely leave a huge hole. All of us at Worship Guitar Magazine wish Mack and Meredith the best and pray that God blesses them immensely in their new journey outside of Elevation Worship.

Sublime Chieftain (HLB)
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Sublime Chieftain (HLB)
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