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Martin Guitars (HLB)


Droff Shares Image of His “Rolling Rack of Doom”

Martin Guitars (HLB)

Many people have seen Nigel’s rack of Matchless, Vox & Fender glory on previous tours. Well it looks like he is still using this combo on tour with Hillsong Live. We find it interesting enough that he isn’t using his signature Scarlett 30 amplifiers from Jackson Ampworks. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t like the Scarlett 30’s anymore but the fact that he is using two similar voiced amps in the Matchless DC-30 and Vox AC-30 does make us wonder why he choose that combo for his live rig for the past year. Hopefully sometime in the future we will be able to pick the Droff’s brain on these matters but for now all we can do is share you his latest photo. Enjoy gear heads!

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